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  • Complete financial profile and tax planning function

  • Next-stage life financial planning

  • Assistance in acquiring financing

  • Tax return preparation

Small Business Owners

Offering total financial management to provide tools for effective management. 

  • Provider of Controllership functions

  • Financial Analysis – (e.g. what’s causing my business to lose money?)

  • Tax strategies analysis

  • Acquisition of financing for growth and operations

Development of key performance indicators which show where the business could be strengthened.
  • Selection and implementation of business software (ERP systems)

  • IT management

  • Bookkeeping and payroll

  • Human Resources management

  • Market analysis

  • Business expansion (Acquisition & Divestitures)

  • Building value in your business for eventual sale

Commercial Pilots

In our over 15 years of experience working with commercial pilots, we have also developed a laundry list of deductible out of pocket costs that may have been incurred by the pilot for the purpose of performing his/her job. Recurrent training and professional development expenses are also important possible deductions to consider.

Amended Returns

For new clients an assessment of prior year tax returns is standard and free of charge. This review often results in opportunities for amending a prior year tax return to recover tax dollars which may have been paid unnecessarily.

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