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Total Financial Management

for the small business owner


The primary role of the Controller is to provide sufficient internal controls to safeguard the company’s assets (Asset Protection), insure that all transactions have appropriate approval, calculation of key performance indicators, insure compliance with all regulations, laws and loan covenants, and clearly communicate the monthly financial results to management.  This function provides oversight of employee reporting and payroll, customer invoicing and collection of accounts receivable, and management of supplier agreements and payments.  Researching and recommending professional services to support various aspects of the business is also an important part of this function (e.g. employee benefit programs, P&C insurance, banking, legal assistance, etc.).

Bookkeeping/Database Maintenance

Full charge bookkeeping functions including customer invoicing, supplier payments,  employee timekeeping, human resources recordkeeping (new hire, termination, position title, pay rate details by employee), safekeeping of accounting records.  Preparation and analysis of Monthly Financial Statements and maintenance of records to arrive at cost allocation details for reporting of product and customer profitability.


Payroll processing for timely and accurate pay and payroll tax and employee withholding payments to outside parties are the primary objectives for this function.  We have MULTI-STATE payroll processing capabilities and the new reporting requirements for company paid health insurance benefits present more complicated payroll reporting issues.  We are able to report the allocation of payroll dollars to projects and customers to enable reporting of profitability by product and customer.

Niche Industry Knowledge & Experience

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Distributors (Mac Tools, Snap On, Fastenal)
  • Sales Rep Organizations`
  • Franchisees
  • Real Estate
  • Commercial Airline Pilots
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Direct Sales (Advocare, Beachbody, Young Living)
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